Driver Information

We know the industry.
At Concordia Finance, we understand that many drivers have difficulty establishing a commerical credit history.  We also understand that many of these same drivers want to work hard to improve their livelihood.  We are here to assist these drivers.  By providing funding to these drivers, they become owner-operators.

Concordia Finance speicalizes in the sub-prime market – truck drivers who have had credit problems in the past or limited credit history.                                                                 

We know the market.
Many financial institutions penalize drivers who decide to pre-pay their loans.  Concordia doesn't penalize drivers this way.  We understand that once a driver is on the road to success, pre-paying a loan becomes a necessary option.  We also understand if the truck driver encounters difficulties.  We pride ourselves on working with drivers to keep their trucks running.

Our staff provides the highest level of service to our customers.  We actively stay informed of industry trends and factors affecting drivers, dealers, and the buisness.

No issue goes without notice – whether the issue concerns ports, labor disputes, interstate commerce regulations, international trade trends, or smog emission standards – Concordia Finance stays up-to-date and involved.

If you are ready to become an owner-operator and are looking to purchase a pre-owned truck from your local dealer, have them contact Concordia Finance and we will "Make It Happen."




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