About Us
We've been around for a while.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver business opportunities to dealers and entrepreneurial truck drivers in the transportation industry.  We strive to generate healthy returns for our stakeholders while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment to our business partners, customers, and employees.

Core Values
Concordia Finance,
our staff, and our management can only succeed and prosper with solid core values.

  • We conduct ourselves in an honest and professional manner and operate with integrity and high ethical standards.
  • We demand our employees be accountable.
  • We are committed to our stakeholders, our business partners, and our customers who rely on us.
  • We work in a team environment to support each other and achieve common goals.
  • We promote a pleasant work environment and are respectful of individual beliefs, opinions, and characteristics.
  • We invest in the road ahead and make every effort to support the trucking industry, truck drivers, and our employees.

Concordia Finance is a specialty finance company that provides a dependable solution for dealers and buyers for pre-owned Class 8 Big Rig trucks.  Since 1994, we have provided funding to independent, regional and national dealerships.  With this length of experience, nobody understands the needs of dealerships, truck drivers, and the industry better than us.

We specialize in the sub-prime market.  Our customers typically have been turned down in the past and need a fresh start.  In this regard, we work with both dealers and drivers to "Make It Happen."

Our primary goal is twofold:

  • To help dealers sell their trucks.
  • To help truck drivers improve their livelihood as owner-operators.



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