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What you need to know
about Concordia.

Concordia Finance, prides itself on customer service.  Superior customer service insures that dealer applications are being processed, questions are being answered, and that follow-up is being handled.

Our approval process is simple and easy, and typically takes less than 4 hours from receipt of application.  Our goal is to handle applications professionally and diligently with due care and analysis and to respond in a timely fashion.

At Concordia Finance, our employees are both experienced and knowledgeable.  Our underwriting staff averages over 5 years of experience in the trucking industry.  We understand that your business is affected by many factors, such as government regulations, changes in truck specifications, fuel prices, competition, and buyer preferences.  Our staff adheres to superior customer service where quick turnaround time of applications is our standard practice.

We have flexible funding solutions.  Our deals can range up to 48 months and $45,000.  We consider co-borrowers and we will fund applicants that have lower FICO scores and historical credit problems.

Through good and bad times, we have provided funding for pre-owned Big Rigs across the United States.  We have grown from a small shop in Southern California to the preferred funding source for several nationally affiliated dealers as well as many established regional and independent dealerships.

While we have a nationwide presence, we still maintain a local mindset.

For more information about our funding programs, please contact Christopher Crowder by telephone at (909) 483-8101 or 800-647-5310.




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